For your convenience we have designed 3 Solution Packs that could meet those basic services that your business need:


Start Up Pack

Growing Pack

Small Business Pack

Target Subcontractors or entrepreneurs starting up a Business expecting make up $80,000 Annual Gross Income Subcontractors / Small Business with employees making up $150,000.00 Annual Gross Income. Subcontractors / Small Business with employees making more of  $150,000. Annual Gross Income.
Price $200.00 Setting Up Cost + $60.00 Monthly Membership Cost $300.00 Setting up Cost + $120.00 month  $300 Setting up Cost + $300.00/month + 1% Gross Payroll Paid to Employees.
  • Web-site Listing
  • Website access
  • Alternative Address
  • Incorporation Business file
  • EIN
  • ITIN
  • Business Federal Income Tax Return
  • Business State Income Tax Return
  • Personal Income Tax Return
  • 1099 M Form
  • Annual Report
  • e-file
  • Bookkeeping until 50 Trx/Month (Monthly Profit and Loss Statement)
  • Florida State Registration
  • Worker Compensation Exemption
  • Commercial Insurance Quoting, Application and getting
  • Include START UP Pack, plus
  • Invoicing (until 1 invoice/week)
  • Paybills to recurrent Vendor, Supplier (until 1 bill/week)
  • Monthly Payroll Service until 5 employees or subcontractors
  • Include GROWING Pack, plus
  •  Bi-weekly payroll until 10 employees
  • Bookkeeping until 100 trx/month
  • Sales and Use Taxes
  • Audit Worker Compensation

However The e Center can customize your membership according to each client need.

The e-Center’s members could Access to other services that contracted in their membership with a discount up to 50 % off.

The e-Center offer services also anybody or business that have not joined like a The e Center’s member.

What we do

We are  Profit Experts near you to help your business become more profitable. In addition we provide Accounting Services and a website based tool to manage your business

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